Market Beginning to Normalize

September 25, 2022

Market Beginning to Normalize
It’s no secret that the COVID-19 Pandemic created challenges for homebuyers, sellers and their agents! For instance, property showings were limited to only 15-minute windows with competing buyers lined up before and after you to tour the same property.

During the shutdown, buyers who wanted to view a home had to sign waivers and disclosures and were allowed very limited time inside the property. They were forced to make a decision and/or an offer with very little time imagining their families and furnishings in this new space. The competition was fierce for single-family homes as everyone sought a safe outdoor sanctuary with big backyards. 

As we continue to slowly ease out of the pandemic mindset, what we’re beginning to see now is the real estate market gradually returning to normal. Open houses are more relaxed and welcoming events again, where buyers can stroll through the property at a leisurely pace, and potentially see a property multiple times. At the same time, the market for quality homes remains competitive and many buyers are worried about escalating interest rates later this year and next year, so it’s important for buyers to act quickly and decisively if they find a property they really like. We’re here to guide you along the way, and help make your home buying or selling journey as smooth a ride as possible.
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